-="Another. Another, yes!! Another great artist joins MASSMEDIA RADIO!!!

Very honored to introduce you Suzie Tighe Singer Songwriter from Otterburn Park, Quebec, Canada, performing with her marvelous clear voice and relaxing music in Dreamy chants & lullabies styles!

Yes, Suzie est une artiste fabuleuse, j'ai eu le temps, pourtant court, d'écouter la majorité de tes chansons et toutes les unes et les autres sont magiques, tu nous fais vraiment voyager dans un autre univers!"

- Benjamin Benoit, DJ à MaSsMeDiA Radio, France



"Wow... you have a very beautiful angel voice!"

- Raffaella Piccirillo, Radio host at Radio Italia, Italie


"I enjoy music that’s unique in both sound and lyrics, music that evokes another time or place, music that relaxes me or energizes me. The songs on Suzie Tighe’s self-titled debut album are all of these. "

- Grace Robinson, blogger, writer, Richmond, Virginia, USA


-Onze chansons et une langue inventée pour une artiste Otterburnoise - Journal L'Oeil Régional

© 2015 Suzie Tighe

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